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Month: July 2016

September Events in Surrey for Babies, Children and Families

Top local listings for September events in Surrey that are perfect for babies, toddlers, big kids and families! Discover what’s on near you, including children’s activities, workshops, shows, open days and fun things to do. You can add to our list of September events in Surrey by visiting our Add Event page. Penguin! Elephant! Sat 3 September 2016 – 11.30am & 2.30pm The Sandpit Theatre, Sandringham School, The Ridgeway, St Albans, AL4 9NX With original songs, hilarious physical comedy and dance, Penguin! Elephant! is a magical new show about celebrating differences for anyone who has ever waddled like a Penguin or stomped like...

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Top 10 Eco Toys: Toys that don’t cost the Earth

Eco toys are the perfect choice for families who aim to be environmentally friendly. Our top 10 eco toys have been certified safe for use by young children. Coloured with non-toxic dyes, produced from natural materials, ethical sourced; these toys are leading the way towards a greener future for our kids. Top 10 Eco Toys Posts 1. EverEarth 7-in-1 Activity Cube Toddlers love activity cubes – but this one will leave adults feeling good, too. EverEarth is a company that lobbies to preserve our forests, and so uses sustainable wood sources and water-based paints in it products. Perfect for...

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Toddler portion sizes: How much?

A new study has suggested that food given in correct toddler portion sizes can lower anxiety and prevent the risk of obesity. According to research by Infant & Toddler Forum (ITF), advice on toddler portion sizes for 1 to 4 year olds is inadequate with 77% of parents stating to have never received guidance. The daily calorie requirement for each child depends on size and activity levels, but without professional guidelines, it’s parents who decide the type of food and toddler portion size given. This can lead to toddlers being served large portions of food that are often dense...

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6 sleep tips for coping with the clock change

Snuggle Sac founder Tina Goldsmith recognises the importance of good sleep advice for parents. She works in partnership with The Children’s Sleep Charity to ensure her customers receive high quality sleep information. Tina says ‘parents often contact us for support around the clock changes, just a change of one hour can really disrupt some children’s sleep patterns. Our experts from The Children’s Sleep Charity offer the following advice’. Try to plan ahead for clock changes. In the summer time it gets lighter in the mornings so you may wish to invest in a pair of blackout blinds so that...

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How to Manage a Toddler and a Baby

Having a toddler and a young baby is something that at first can seem very daunting, but many people are in the same situation, so you are not alone. I have personally experienced this as my daughters are a year apart, and I always remember the doctors initial reaction to me when we found out that I was pregnant; he asked me how I felt and whether I had a good support network- there I was holding a 5 month old in the doctors surgery and finding out that I had another baby on the way. You will have...

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