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Author: Emma Wheeler

Enjoy a FREE day out at the Albury Music Festival

This summer the Surrey Hills will be buzzing once more as Albury Music Festival serves up a slice of music and family-friendly fun. This year the festival will take place on Sunday, July 16 at Albury Cricket Ground. Now in its ninth year, the festival organisers refer to their event as one of Surrey’s best kept secrets. The best bit? The team have worked hard to ensure the festival is a FREE community event that everyone can enjoy. What’s happening The Albury Music Festival showcases high quality local musical talent, playing both cover versions and original songs. On the...

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Review: Baby Born Interactive Sister Doll

When we were asked to review the Baby Born Interactive Sister Doll I showed my daughter a picture and her face lit up! I knew it was going to be a hit! When it arrived we immediately unboxed it as she wanted to try it out to see what the doll could do. It was lovely to discover that she does not require batteries; you can feed her juice and make her cry by simply squeezing her arm. She has lovely long hair that you can brush and style and, although she is older than the normal Baby Born...

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Get ready for FREE fun at Woking’s Party in the Park

This July the Party in the Park will once again bring Woking to life with a mixture of music and performances suitable for the whole family. The musical extravaganza is due to take place on Saturday, July 8 in Woking Park. The best bit? The organisers have worked hard to ensure the festival remains a FREE community event. This year, the party’s theme will be ‘Rockin’ All Over the Park’ in tribute to the town’s late Rick Parfitt from Status Quo. The party will also be celebrating the work of Woking’s popular Brit band, The Jam – it’s been...

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Top Extra Energy Tips for New Mums

When I first became a mum I would often get asked “how are you?” and I constantly found myself saying “tired” as I really was exhausted.  I was so forgetful that I had to write down the times I fed and changed my baby! I knew that it wasn’t right to feel so shattered yet I also recognised my body was healing, making milk as well as dealing with broken sleep so I made a few changes that helped me feel more energised. My extra energy tips Go to bed at the same time each night just like you...

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Spotting heat exhaustion and heatstroke symptoms

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are potentially serious conditions that can occur during warmer weather. Babies and young children are particularly at risk. Here’s how to spot and treat the early symptoms. What is heat exhaustion? Heat exhaustion is caused by a combination of exposure to heat and dehydration. It occurs when levels of water and salt levels in the body start to drop. The earliest signs of heat exhaustion is a body temperature of 37-40°C (98.6-104°F). Other indications include faintness, sweaty and clammy pale skin, shallow breathing and a weakened pulse. Treat heat exhaustion by: Moving your baby to...

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