Still deciding on a baby name? It seems that Brexit, celebrity culture and grandparents will all be influencing baby names in 2017.

Research from leading parent blog Milk Drunk Diary has found that Bowie, Neo, Lula and Ariana are some of the top baby names for 2017.

Brexit Babies

The ‘Brexit Effect’ could also be having an impact on name choices, with traditional British names like Ellie, Jack and Harry resolutely ‘remaining in’ following their top ten ranking in 2016. The celebs are already getting in on the act, with rockstar Ronnie Wood and his wife Sally picking the classic names Gracie and Alice for their twin girls.

Grandparent Chic

Sticking with the theme of tradition, another trend for ‘grandparent’ names is bringing back memories of yesteryear; names such as Edgar, Camilla and Edith are all proving popular. Actor Eddie Redmayne backed the trend earlier in 2016 when he named his daughter Iris.

Celebrity Status

As always, celebrity culture appears to be a strong influencer when it comes to baby names for 2017. Expect a surge in baby Bowie’s in tribute to the late British icon — Take That’s Howard Donald and model Tess Holliday have both played homage to the rock legend by choosing his name for their little ones.

baby names for 2017

Other hit celeb names to watch out for include Ariana – after both the musician and the Huffington Post founder, and Elsa from the movie Frozen (she’s not letting go anytime soon).

And be warned — should Donald Trump win the next election, it’s expected that a whole new generation of ‘Donnie’ babies will emerge!

Milk Drunk’s top baby names for 2017


  1. Bowie – after the late David Bowie
  2. Neo – so popular in USA, it has risen by 127% (according to
  3. Edgar – a classic name making a comeback
  4. Roman – an ‘international’ name that’s all set to conquer a few continents
  5. Bodhi – a name drawn from Buddhism that’s “enlightening” the USA



  1. Ariana – influences by pop sensation Ms Grande
  2. Sadie – another bygone name enjoying a revival
  3. Thea – taken from the traditional Theodora, picked for Robbie William’s daughter
  4. Lula – the classic Lola or Lulu, but with a millennial twist, chosen by Liv Tyler
  5. Felicity – Paddy McGuinness plumbed for grandma chic by giving this name to his daughter


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