A Surrey mum is urgently trying to raise funds after NHS doctors told her they could no longer treat her cancer.

Alix Manders, from Woking, was pregnant with her third child when she received the devastating news that she has cancer of the colon.

Since her diagnosis in November 2014, the former St. Peter’s Hospital nurse has exhausted all of the treatment options available on the NHS. Now Alix’s only chance of survival lies in privately funded immunotherapy, which will cost £100,000 for the initial stage.


The 36-year-old, who has three boys aged seven, five and two, was 22 weeks into her pregnancy when doctors discovered a huge mass on her left ovary. The growth was so large that it had extended under her rib cage and stretched her stomach to the size of a full-term pregnancy.

When her obstetrician performed emergency surgery to remove the mass, it was discovered that a cancerous tumour was also growing on her colon.

Alix said: “They told me I had stage 4 colon cancer as it had spread to my liver and ovaries, but because I was pregnant, I could not have treatment straight away. The doctors decided that my little boy would be delivered by C-Section at 30 weeks – this was necessary because the cancer was spreading at a fast pace to other organs.  

“My beautiful son, Finley, was delivered healthy and after spending five weeks in SCUBU, he was eagerly welcomed home by his over-excited brothers! A week after Finley’s birth, I began my 12 rounds of gruelling chemotherapy.”


After numerous scans, surgeries and further rounds of chemotherapy, doctors discovered a new area of cancer on lining of her abdomen which had not shown up on previous scans. Alix was given the earth shattering news that there was nothing more the NHS could do to cure her.

Now a page has been set up on crowd funding site, YouCaring, to raise the £100,000 that Alix needs to begin her last remain treatment option.

“There is a huge private cost which I could never raise alone,” said Alix. “So here I am – I am not ready to give up and I am not ready to leave behind my three loving boys and the most amazing mum and family I could ever wish for.”

At the time of writing, Alix’s life saving immunotherapy page, has raised over £36,000.

If you would like to contribute to the costs of her immunotherapy treatment, click here to donate to her YouCaring page.