Cute alert! A baby girl from Kent was born with so much hair it could be seen on her ultrasound scan.

Holly’s parents were told at their 20-week scan to expect a baby with ‘a bit of hair,’ but neither of them could have anticipated their daughter’s full bouffant.

Mum Natasha Gent, 28, said: “We were prepared after being told she would have a bit of hair at her scan but it was still a shock when she came out and we could see just how much she had compared to other babies.”

kent baby

Luckily, Holly is a big fan of having her hair washed and blow dried.

“Holly absolutely loves bath time and afterwards when her hair is dead straight it goes all the way past her shoulders,” Natasha said.

“Sometimes she has a blow-dry if her hair needs to dry quickly. She really enjoys it but sometimes she does try to eat the air.

“Her hair afterwards is so funny. It has grown straight upwards so after it’s dried it looks like a little afro. It makes us laugh so much.”

Holly is a particular joy to her proud parents because they previously believed they would never have children. Dad Ashley had been told that he would not be able to have a baby after being treated for testicular cancer aged 15.

kent baby

Now four-months-old, Holly has such a luscious head of hair that it sometimes makes her mum green with envy.

“My mum said she is the spitting image of me when I was born and looking back at baby photos I can see it,” Natasha commented.

“But my hair has got thinner. I think Holly’s is so thick it will be with her for life.

“It doesn’t feel like baby hair, it’s not fine or fluffy at all, it is beautiful and thick. Sometimes I get serious hair envy.”