Does your little one love practising handstands and always seems to be bounding around the house? If so there is a clever series of books could help your budding gymnasts enhance their natural skills.

‘Head Over Heels About Gymnastics’ offer a child-friendly approach to learning gymnastic skills for all level and ages from 3-16 years – and beyond if parents fancy joining in too!

The books were created by Gemma Coles, a mum of three from Bournemouth who also runs a successful gymnastics club.

What’s in the books?

Each book provides step-by-step illustrated instructions that explain everything from stretches and warm-ups to posture and all basic gymnastic shapes. There are lots of top tips to help children perfect each move, and important notes that equip parents with the knowledge they need to make sure their child is practising safely.

Skills are broken down into clear sections. For example, in Volume 1, you will find sections on Jumps, Skills, Rolls and Leaps. There are also suggested ‘routines’ that teach children how to begin joining their new moves and ‘judging’ sheets that help monitor children’s progress.

Head Over Heels About GymnasticsFollowing on from the skills learnt in the first book, Volume 2 introduces children to balance skills that they can complete with one or two friends. This book covers a number of key skills, broken down into sections including; One Foot Stands, Bridge Balances, and Headstand Balances.

The best bits

As well as providing clear written instructions, the pictures in the books are very easy to follow.

Additionally, both books are designed to stand up on their own, so reader to easily see the pictures and tips while practising the skills.

Where to buy              

Head Over Heels About Gymnastics – Volume 1 Girls and Boys Floor Skills and Volume 2 Pair and Trio Balances both retail at £8.49.

Volume 3 Floor Beam costs £10.49.

An app (£3.99) and DVD (£9.49) are also available, as well as Gemma’s first fictional book, Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack Join Gymnastics (£4.99).

The Head Over Heels range can be found on Amazon or purchased directly from