Major news on the pre-school block is that, quite possibly, the best hotel EVER has now opened its doors to CBeebies fans across the country.  And the best thing is, we got an exclusive chance to take a sneak peak ahead of it’s opening!

As you enter the hotel, you are transported to a world of CBeebies loveliness!  The storybook centrepiece invites you to start your own fairy tale story within the confines of this simply magical realm.

cbeebies land hotel

A quick check in and we quickly raced up to check out our room.  The 76-room hotel is split into rooms and suites.  We had one of the Bugbies Rooms bursting with signature CBeebies yellow bugs adorned with rainbows, parachutes and sunshine meadows.

Rooms are plenty spacious for a family of five – an open plan room splits into two halves with an adult space featuring a master bed, complimented with children’s zone with bunk beds and pull out trunkle bed for a third child.  Travel cots and bedding are available in every room as standard.

cbeebies land hotel

Bright and full of colour, it set the tone for our fun stay.  The rooms are catered meticulously to young children – bottle warmers, fridges, baby baths, children’s toilet seat, a step to brush their teeth and – impressively – nappy bins.   Just reeling off this list of amenities fills me with a sense of ease at the thought of travelling with a baby!

The children loved their own space, complete with their own TV and interactive activity wall.  The excitement was literally off the scale as the three children were exploring all the little extras in the room.

cbeebies land hotel

Heading downstairs, we checked out the entertainment.  Every day, there’s a full schedule of activity starting that runs until early evening within the Musical Meadow.  The hosted shows are really inclusive, parents can sit back on the soft seating and grab a drink from the bar, while children are encouraged to participate and get involved.  Shows include Andy’s Prehistoric Quest and Bing’s Sleepover, so it’s worth noting the schedule so that you don’t miss your children’s favourites.

Deciding it was time to refuel; we headed to the hotel’s onsite restaurant, the Windmill.  Split into a library, castle and central area, it’s vivid, fun and has a great atmospheric buzz.  The restaurant is open daily for hot/cold buffet breakfast (included with all stays), lunch snacks and dinners.

cbeebies land hotel

The simple dinner menu comprised of a range of pizzas and family favourites, such as Pasta and Meatballs and Steak Burgers, but with consideration for nutrition and wellbeing such as wholemeal bases on all pizzas.

Each dish is available in three size options – Small, Big and Family Sharing, and there’s baby food warming facilities and food available as well.  Prices are actually very reasonable, especially for the Family Sharing dishes, although drinks were more on the pricey side.

There were a few little quirks I really liked, such as The Pizza Factory, where children can design their own pizza creations that the chefs bring to life.  The addition of the grazing station is also a great idea.  This featured a good selection of salad items, raisins, breads etc, around the windmill centrepiece ensuring that there was something to nibble on while impatient little ones waited on their main meals.

cbeebies land hotel

Final stop of the night was back to the Musical Meadow for even more fun with a disco and visit by Ubercorn from the Go Jetters, before we carried off our brood back to the bedroom.

The following morning, we had to wake all three children – always the sign of a good night – to fill up on a hearty breakfast before taking advantage of the additional hour early access to CBeebies Land, within Alton Towers theme park, that hotel guests can take advantage of.

This hotel is the epitome of a family break for parents with little ones.  You cannot help but fall under the CBeebies whimsical spell.  The design and theming is exceptional, you feel like you have stepped into your television and as you take in that level of magic wash over your child’s face, it truly is priceless.  Coupled with the roaming characters and superb entertainment, it takes imagination to a whole new level.


A Bugbies Room starts from £197 per night for a family of 4.  A Premium Themed Rooms (designed on some of CBeebies best-loved shows such as Postman Pat and Something Special) starts from £272 per night for a family of 4 and Suites start from £347 per night for a family of 4.

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