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Gitte Winter Graugaard is a Danish writer, life coach, energy mentor, mindfulness instructor and light worker. She is on a mission to help parents help their children to thrive through child meditation. She encourages parents to become aware of their energy and what they radiate and teaches parents to always parent themselves first before they parent their children. Gitte is also founder of the Momo Academy in Denmark, which enables Danish schools to offer mindfulness to their pupils as part of their education. She also coaches parents and provides workshops. Her book, ’The Children’s Meditations In My Heart’ is a collection of four meditations for parents to read to their children. It shows parents how to teach their children the importance of self-esteem and self-love, enabling them to drift off into calming, reparative sleep, their hearts full with love.

Sleep, or rather the lack of it, is one of the first indications for parents that something might be off kilter. Children too are susceptible to the pitfalls of a stressful day and more and more lie awake at night, unable to ‘switch off’, their thoughts racing. Worry is often an overriding factor and many have a hard time letting go.

Asked why she thinks meditation before bedtime is key to overcoming anxiety in children and the pre-slumber ‘stand-off’, Graugaard draws on her own experiences as a parent: “When I started sharing beautiful heart meditations with my daughters, I was surprised to see how much they loved the interaction and how quickly they would fall asleep. As different as children are, almost every child delights in hearing about how much a parent or caregiver loves and treasures them. Even teenagers – to my surprise! – seem to be calmed by hearing the meditations in the book read aloud. However, the best part is that your child learns to fill his or her own heart with love. And learning how to turn up their self-love has shown to give children so much comfort long into the following day too, at nursery or school and beyond.”

Seeing the positive effect on her own children made her write down the meditations for other parents to share with their children.

Now available in the UK and US “The Children’s Meditations In my Heart” is available from priced £14.95 for a hard copy, £4.97 for a kindle copy, and £5.09 for a pdf download from

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