Counting on Gloves (COGS) offer a new way of helping children to quickly learn their times tables with confidence – and the idea is both simple and genius!

The gloves make use of the one tool that all children automatically turn to when learning to count – their fingers.

Each pairs of gloves is printed with times tables from 1-10 on the fingers of each hand. From here, there are a few different activities that can be played briefly each day to help children learn their times tables off by heart.

The creators say: “Our gloves can fast track a child to learn each times table more quickly, acting as a foundation for their mathematical skills, a great help for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 development.”

So, that’s the theory. But how do they work in practise?

My math-phobic daughter was really excited about getting the gloves out of the packet and trying them on. Unfortunately she wasn’t that interested in my attempts to show her how to use them; she just thought they looked cool!

counting on gloves

However, much to my amazement, by the next day she figured out how to use them all by herself. She wanted to wear them on the walk to school and I watched her popping up each finger as she recited her eight times table. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but voluntary maths practise is a ground-breaking move in our household!

The COGS team recommend using the gloves for only a couple of minutes at a time and then putting them away. In our case, this was impossible. These gloves get worn ALL THE TIME! I was concerned that the numbers would start coming off, but after a couple of week of hard wearing they are still going strong. The real bonus of this is that my daughter is seeing her times tables constantly, so I know she’s learning without even being aware of it.

There has definitely been an improvement in her recollection of the times tables, and an overall boost to her interest in learning mathematics in general.

If things keep progressing as they are, I think I’m going to have to invest in a few more pairs of Counting on Gloves. Or as I now call them, the ‘little miracle workers.’

Single pairs of Counting on Gloves cost £7.95, with packs ranging from £12.95 to £35.45 for the fully set of 10.

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