Having just experienced the season of chocolate otherwise known as Easter and taking my son to his first Easter Egg Hunt, it was blatantly apparent the impact an overdose of sugar has on a small person!

Whilst I understand that ‘treats’ are normal I also know the impact that a childhood full of sugar can have in their adult life.  With diabetes and obesity increasing as well as being more prevalent in children and teenagers I feel sometimes we are fighting a losing battle, especially when I saw Easter Eggs being sold in my local supermarket in January!

Our little cherubs are surrounded by sugar; it’s in drinks, snacks, confectionery, cereals, it’s everywhere yet we can manage their intake and let them enjoy sweet things without it being detrimental to their health.  The biggest thing you can do is to expose your child to other taste sensations and ensure you don’t use chocolate or sweet snacks as rewards or bribery.

Check out my top five tips to reduce sugar in your toddler’s diet:

  1. Swap out sugar-covered cereals with an item that has five ingredients or less – and keep sugar content less than 10g per serve.
  1. When you pack a lunch – focus on whole grains, vegetables, and fruit.
  1. Replace sugary soft drinks, cordials, and juices with naturally-sweetened water, herbal tea or milk.
  1. Skip the ice cream and serve icy snacks like homemade fruit sorbets and frozen bananas.
  1. Swop sweets, chocolate, cookies and cakes for wholesome snacks and fruits such as apples with peanut butter, peaches and plain yogurt, whole wheat crackers and cheese, etc.