You don’t have to spend a fortune to totally transform the look of your child’s bedroom or nursery. High quality children’s wall murals are a superb way to inject new colour and energy into any space.

Michelle Sobihy, of Inspire Murals, has been painting incredible murals since she completed her Scientific & Natural History Illustration degree back in 2000. Her celebrity clients include Gary Barlow, Peter Andre and Elle Macphearson.

Celebrity kids’ style at affordable prices

Now, for the first time, Michelle is printing her work as wall stickers, so she can offer the quality of a hand painted mural at printed prices. Unlike standard wall stickers, which are often cheaply made and far too bold, Michelle’s hand painted mural stickers look like fine artworks – made especially for your child!

“I adore painting murals and seeing the look on children faces when their favourite characters come to life on their walls,” Michelle says. “It’s the amazing comments and compliments I get that keeps me doing this amazing job.”

Michelle’s Top 5 Hand Painted Mural Designs

Unicorn in the Clouds

Hours and hours went into producing this beautiful mural using acrylic paint. The original artwork has been scanned and printed onto removable wall stickers, so you can place the separate pieces together to make up a complete wall mural that suits the size of your wall and the space available.

hand painted mural

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Set of 5 Fairy Mural Wall Stickers

Here, I have hand painted a range of fairies completely from my own designs, so they are unique to Inspire Murals. Dot them around the room or perch them nicely on a door frame, light switch or the edge of a shelf. They really do bring a bit of magic to any little one’s room.

hand painted mural

See this on Inspired Murals etsy page.

Sea Life Wall Stickers

I painted this design a couple of years ago and have taken a lot of time and effort to get it to this finished stage. Together the wall stickers make up a full sea life mural – from shoals of fish to sea turtles. I’m so happy with this set of wall stickers. The detail in the print is amazing, they look real!

hand painted mural

See this on Inspired Murals etsy page

Stunning Mother and Baby Unicorns Mural

I loved painted this one for a client in Essex a couple of years ago. I’d already painted their nursery previously so it was lovely to go back and paint a second mural for such a lovely family. This is just one image from a full room design. The opposite walls had Cinderella with her carriage and the Fairy Godmother.

hand painted mural

Superheroes Mural

This one took a while, but what an impact as you walk through the bedroom door! The client just kept asking me to add characters as I went. The ceiling is full of stars and planets and the opposite walls were of a starters theme.

hand painted mural

We loved working with Michelle on this article. You can find her full range of hand painted wall murals & wall stickers at Inspire Murals.