Here are the top ten insect bite prevention tips from Pyramid Travel Products, the experts in insect bite protection and travel health products. Read these tips before you travel to help keep you and your family safe from insects when on holiday.  

On family holidays there will be laughs, exploring, activities for all the family to get involved in, and lots of pictures. However, some of us forget the importance of taking the necessary precautions to protect ourselves against biting insects prior to, and during our holidays with the family.

insect bite prevention

Top 10 Insect Bite Prevention Tips:

  1. Go to your GP or Travel Health Clinic 6-8 weeks prior to travel to a tropical climate, and seek advice about getting the required vaccinations.
  1. Always take a bottle of insect repellent with you on holiday. Protect Once is clinically proven to be as effective as maximum strength DEET repellents, yet it contains only 30% micro-encapsulated DEET. This special formulation releases the DEET slowly over the period of wear, providing up to 12 hours of protection, from a single application.

insect bite prevention

  1. Take a treated mosquito net with you on your holiday. All of pyramid’s mosquito nets are pre-treated with the latest Zi technology. They will protect you and your family from getting mosquito bites while you rest after a busy day exploring, and at night while you sleep.
  1. Avoid areas of stagnant water. These areas are perfect breeding sites for mosquitoes. We recommend applying insect repellent before any outdoor activity, as you may come across an area of stagnant water unexpectedly.
  1. Avoid wearing dark coloured clothing, instead wear long-sleeved and loose-fitting lightly coloured clothes. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark coloured clothing.
  1. Close all doors and all windows before dusk.
  1. Get a shower or bath as often as you can as sweat attracts insects (try to use unscented body and hair products).
  1. If visiting Scotland in the summertime when midges tend to be out in high numbers, make sure to wear Protect Midge and Tick insect repellent, as these wee beasties can cause some serious itchiness on the skin and let’s be honest, we all want to avoid this situation.
  1. Avoid wearing perfume or aftershave as although it will make you smell lovely, insects will be queuing up to have a taste of you too. Instead, why not try Protect Natural, which has a pleasant smell, but rather than attracting those insects, it will deter them from you.

insect bite prevention

  1. Take Ecoguard Fabric Spray, a natural insecticide, to spray onto tents and backpacks for maximum protection against insects.

If you read all of our top ten tips and implement the steps as suggested, you will have an unforgettable holiday. Insect bite protection is very important, highlighted by the zika virus hitting the news headlines.

 The World Health Organisation has predicted that the number of people to be affected by the zika virus in the Western Hemisphere is to reach 4 million. The deadly disease is passed from the Aedes species of mosquito to a human, when they are bitten by the mosquito. It is vital that you talk to your GP or local travel health clinic experts about getting the necessary vaccinations, 6-8 weeks prior to a trip to a country with a high risk of the virus.

Similarly, Lyme disease has hit the headlines due to this deadly disease being contracted by the world-famous singer Avril Lavigne and model Bella Hadid, who both were hospital bound for many months. Use Protect Midge and Tick repellent to prevent tick bites. This effective insect repellent is also hand luggage friendly.  

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