People across Surrey are hiding painted rocks around their communities as part of a county-wide treasure hunt.

Why are people rock painting in Surrey?

Pokemon Go, move aside. This new global craze invites kids and parents all over Surrey to get outdoors and play hide and seek with hand-painted rocks.

Participants decorate small, flat garden rocks and then hide them in parks and green spaces. Photos and clues are posted on dedicated Facebook groups so other families can find them, and then in turn re-hide them somewhere else.

There are currently two Facebook groups operating in Surrey, SurreyHills Rock Hunters and Surrey Rocks!

Surrey Rock! was started by James Gosling, from Godalming, and has more than 300 members hiding and seeking rocks around Esher, Woking and Godalming.

rock painting

Image: Facebook / James Gosling / Surrey Rocks!

Over in the Surrey Hills, Pettrina Keogh has set up the SurreyHills Rock Hunters group, which covers Dorking, Guildford, and Reigate, with new members now popping up around Leatherhead. Currently the largest in the region, the group now has over 460 members.

The world-wide social phenomenon is intended to spread happiness and a sense of exploration. The game is a great excuse to get arty and spend less time in front of a screen.

How to add new rocks to the hunt

Getting involved in the new craze couldn’t be easier. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Paint a new rock (or several) with a design of your choice – the brighter it is, the easier it’ll be to spot. Remember to varnish it so the paint isn’t washed away by the elements.
  2. On the back of your rock, you should add the title of the group it’s intended for on the bottom of the rock and give it a name.
  3. Hide your rock somewhere that’s accessible to people of all ages.
  4. Add a clue on one of the Facebook groups to help others find it.
  5. Don’t have a group running in your area? You could start your own and invite local families to join in.

Although the Surrey rock painting groups are still fairly small, the movement is quickly gathering momentum.

So if you love walking and need a fun reason to get the kids out of the house, make sure you keep an eye out for these brightly coloured rocks – and maybe create a batch of your own.

Join in the fun at SurreyHills Rock Hunters and Surrey Rocks.