What’s the easiest way to cut kids’ screen time? Simple! Just set up some ‘alternative fun’ and lure them away with a little bit of good-old-fashioned bribery. That’s the premise behind SnapperTime, the latest offering from Whippersnapper, the kids’ entertainment website.

Stop! It’s SnapperTime!

When we say ‘bribery’, we mean it in the best possible sense. The SnapperTime website presents children with a variety of challenges. Complete the challenges and the kids’ can earn rewards for their whole family.

The challenges are divided into five different categories: Arty Farty; Super Science; Great Outdoors; Tasty Treats; and Super Hero.  Each challenge is also clearly marked with a difficulty rating so you know how much skill (and potential mess) will be involved, making it easier to choose the most appropriate tasks for younger children.


The Rewards

For every challenge that a child completes, they can upload a photo as evidence and then earn a digital DoodleCoin which – when they’ve earned enough – can be exchanged for rewards. At the moment, these include a den building kit, a hamper of Bear Nibbles, and a pair of snazzy Muddy Puddle wellies. Pretty great, right?

The challenges are based on childhood classics, like making paper boats, or launching fizzy drink bottle space rocket. Expect to have lots of memories triggered; the sort of memories you’ll now want to recreate with your own kids.

The variety of tasks means that there should be a plenty of activities to suit most little personalities. There’s also a good mix or indoor and outdoor challenges. But you will need to do some forward planning, so start collecting those empty milk cartons and pieces of scrap paper.

To sign up or for more information visit the SnapperTime website at: www.snappertime.com