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Made in Italy, -TEN-®, the boutique mother and baby skincare line uses the finest medical grade natural ingredients to soothe and care for both yours and your baby’s skin. Gently fragranced, -TEN-® has been formulated by Italian skin experts. The -TEN-® mother and baby skincare range harnesses lab-quality natural ingredients known to be both gentle and efficacious. All of the eight products in the -TEN-® range respect the skin’s natural balance leaving you and your baby’s skin looking and feeling its best.

“All the natural ingredients used in ‐TEN‐® are widely recognised by the scientific community for their skin enhancing benefits. Their dermatological credentials stretch back over many years,” says dermatologist, Dr Braguti Gianluca from Biokosmes laboratories who helped formulate the -TEN-® range. It’s not only what’s been put in, but also what’s been left out that makes -TEN-® a brand that mums can trust. The mother and baby boutique skincare range’s special skin-friendly formulations are free from all ‘nasties’: parabens, ethanol, SLES, formaldehyde, dyes, colour, phthalates, lanolin, soap and paraffin mineral oil. All the products in the range have been formulated to reduce the risk of allergies.

We have four sets of -TEN-® products, each worth £29.97, specifically formulated to meet mums’ skincare needs to give away:

  • -TEN-® Breast Care Cream, 125ml, £9.99 (RRP): contains extracts of rice and papaya, with skin-conditioning oligopeptide-5 which together provide the perfect breast care cream, helping to firm skin and improve elasticity. It also helps prevent the formation of stretch marks. For use both pre- and post-pregnancy when your breasts experience many changes including enlargement and tenderness as well as in terms of pigmentation.
  • -TEN-® Hydration Body Cream, 200ml, £9.99 (RRP): a combination of essential vitamins (B5, E and F), wheatgerm oil and plant extracts, including camellia olefera seed oil, avocado oil and cacoa butter work to nourish and restore the skin’s natural balance which can be upset by hormonal changes associated with pregnancy causing the skin to feel dry and itchy. -TEN-® Hydration Body Cream’s unique formulation helps restore the skin’s natural oils and elasticity. While long lasting, the non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed allowing you to get dressed immediately after application.
  • TEN-® Stretch Mark Prevention & Reduction Cream, 200ml, £9.99 (RRP): the cream’s proprietary formulation perfectly blends naturally hydrating jojoba, sweet almond, avocado and olus oils which sink into the skin leave the skin hydrated, preventing irritation and itchiness. Shea butter helps soothe away any discomfort experienced as your skin expands and sericin – a gel-like protein emitted by the silk worm in the production of silk has been used for hundreds of years to rejuvenate skin and hair – leaves skin silky smooth to the touch.

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