An ultimate UK family ‘Bucket and Spade’ list has been revealed and it turns out we’re still a nation of adventurers and den builders!

As the summer officially gets underway, Frugi, a Cornwall based organic children’s clothing brand, has taken the opportunity to compile a list of the top 10 activities parents long to do with their little ones.

More than a thousand families completed the fun survey to rank some of the classic British summer activities. Those with little kids won’t be surprised to see that trips to the farm and swimming in the sea are among the top pursuits on families’ wish lists.

Here’s the full list of what parents can’t wait to do this season:

1) Hunt for beach treasure

2) Spend the day on a farm

3) Build a den

4) Build a treehouse

5) Splash in a pool

6) Swim in the sea

7) Dig in the garden and grow giant veg

8) Sleep under the stars

9) Ride a pony

10) Discover a new land

The top 10 summer activities reveals a longing for a return to traditional play, away from screens and technology. Adults still remember a time when they weren’t slaves to their mobiles and they want to recreate that feeling with their own children.

Those looking for more inspiration can turn to the National Trust, who have put together a list of 50 outdoor adventures for children to complete before they’re 11 ¾.

Along with den building and plant growing, there are suggestions like making mud pies, going on a barefoot walk and playing pooh sticks – simple activities that even the tiny tots can enjoy.

With the summer holidays and plenty of warm days ahead, there’s a whole lot of adventuring just around the corner. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and let your wild side roam free!