Win a Wobbly Worm Game!

A worm has fallen out of the apple tree and can’t stop wobbling!

Wobbly Worm™ from Spin Master is a brand-new action game that will get kids moving as they play!

In this up-and-active preschool game, players try to hoop their rings onto the 3-foot-tall worm as he wobbles back and forth.

Its adjustable height makes it easier for younger players as it grows with them ensuring Wobbly Worm™ offers years of fun!

The object of the game is to be the first player to hoop your three rings over the Wobbly Worm to win!

Not only is this game active and great fun to play, it also helps develop skills such as dexterity, balance and co-ordination! Plus, it’s great to play indoors or outside during the summer months!

The adjustable Wobbly Worm™ game unit comes with nine rings in varying sizes and three different colours.

Wobbly Worm™ is Suitable for 2 – 3 players ages 3 and up, and can be found in all good retailers from July with an SRP of £19.99.

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